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14 Types of Email Marketing Campaigns for Small Businesses: How to Increase Revenues!

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email marketing campaigns for small businesses

Introduction – 14 Types of Email Marketing Campaigns for Small Businesses: How to Increase Revenues!

Email marketing campaigns can be a powerful way to reach your customers and increase revenue.

It’s not a secret that email marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business.

The statistics show that over 67% of online consumers use email and among those, more than half are checking their inbox at least once per hour.

If you’re looking for a way to increase revenue in your small business or startup, it’s time to start focusing on email marketing campaigns!

There are many types of email marketing campaigns that small business owners or entrepreneurs can use to generate more revenues but which one is right for you?

In this blog post, we will talk about 14 types of email marketing campaigns for small businesses and startups that can result in an astonishing revenue increase.

We would like to teach our readers about email marketing and its advantages.

We’d also like to teach our readers about the different types of email marketing campaigns that they should be using in their small business or startup to boost revenues and their clients.

We hope that by the end of this article, you’ll know which type of email campaign is best for your business and why it’s so effective.

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The Advantages Of Email Marketing

There are many reasons why you should be using email marketing to grow your business.

Some of those advantages include:

  1. It has the highest ROI across digital marketing media
  2. Email marketing is a great way to reach your desired audience and send them some information.
  3. It’s easy, fast, free of charge (when you use the right email service provider), and personal! You get to customize each massage according to who it goes out to.
  4. Your customers will always have access to their inbox – even when they’re on the go or traveling for business.

    This means that they’ll be checking in with your company at all times–even if you don’t have hours of operation like brick and mortar stores do! And this also means that you can contact them 24/hours a day… which leads us to our next point
  5. Email marketing can be used 24/7 from anywhere n the world to instantly connect you with your subscribers
  6. It offers massive potential for building a relationship with your subscribers
  7. It helps to instantly market your products or services offline and online
  8. It is a cheap and reliable way of marketing

Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool for any business and should be treated as such.

We recommend that any businesses serious about growth use email marketing to improve their marketing results and grow their business online

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The Types Of Emails

In this article, we are going to discuss 14 of the most important types of email that you can use for explosive growth in your business no matter the size, age, or industry.

We know that email marketing is one of the most profitable online marketing media and we also know that it is one of the easiest marketing media to master.

By learning about the types of emails we can improve our email marketing campaigns to get better results for our business.

Let us get started learning about these 14 types of emails below!

No. 1 The Prospect Follow-up Sequence

This is my favorite type of email campaign and one that I use quite often.

The way these campaign works is that it keeps you in contact with a prospect that has received a contract or offer but has not yet signed it.

It’s a simple and low-intrusion way of reminding the prospect of your proposal, restating your offer, and positioning yourself as an expert without sounding needy or pushy.

The objective of our email campaigns is always to build a lasting and satisfying relationship with our prospects.

We achieve this by offering massive value in every email that we send.

When a prospect sees an email from us they should be excited to open it and see what we’ve cooked up for them in this release.

It should be oozing value and be extremely helpful to our subscribers and relevant to the problems they have.

The way these sequence works is by sending a set of follow-up emails to the prospect reminding them of the ways you can help them.

We will assume for example that you’re a logo designer and had a meeting with a prospect, prepared a proposal, and sent over a contract but after several days the contract hasn’t been signed, the first deposit for work to start hasn’t been made, and there is no contact from the prospect.

The Prospect Follow-up sequence helps you here by giving you the opportunity to restate your value and nudge the prospect to make a decision without seeming needy or desperate.

It does this by sending a series of helpful and relevant emails that will, in this example, help the prospect learn more about the advantages of a professionally designed logo, how important branding is for company success, and how you’ve helped a prospect just like them in the past.

How To Use Welcome Emails To Improve Email Marketing Conversions in 2021

No. 2 Welcome Email Drip Campaign

Welcome emails are a great way to make your prospects feel welcome and provide them with helpful information on how they can take advantage of all that you have to offer.

Additionally, it’s been shown that welcome emails have a higher open and click-through rate than general emails.

In fact, welcome emails have a 91.43% open rate and a click-through rate of 26.9%.

It is also said that welcome emails can generate up to 320% more revenues per email when compared to other regular promotional emails.

If we’re to combine the power of a welcome email with a drip sequence then we have an opportunity to greatly increase our revenues in just a few short days of receiving a new email subscriber.

In fact, we have prepared an article to show you how to do this for any business you might have.

The article has a free template that you can take and use in your business as part of a welcome email drip sequence.

In this article and email sequence, we even show you one neat trick that you can use to increase the revenues per buyer from your email list by up to 10 times or more!

Find out how by reading this article: 3 Effective Sign-up Drip Campaigns for Effective Email Marketing Conversions

3 Effective Sign-up Drip Campaigns for Effective Email Marketing Conversions

No. 3 The Newsletter

A newsletter is one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal for building relationships and growing your business.

It’s a great way to keep your audience updated on new offers, events, and other information that they may not have seen or heard about previously.

The best email marketing campaigns are those which provide subscribers with value by sending them valuable content directly related to their interests and needs.

Therefore, before you send out any newsletter it is important for you to know who your target market is in order to create something that will resonate well with them – this means making sure you’re tailoring every email campaign accordingly so as not to waste time crafting ones nobody wants!

If we want our newsletters to work, then we also need to make sure they contain enough interesting content which keeps readers coming back for more (and subscribing!).

We’ll also have to ensure that our newsletters are chocked full of valuable content and resources that any subscriber would pay to get.

This helps to build open rate, click-through rate, and engagement with our subscriber list.

The newsletter email sequence is one that should be used by every business with every subscriber.

The objective of our email marketing efforts is not only to make a quick sale or client signup then sends them on their way to rot in obscurity while we try to solicit money and new signup from the next subscriber.

No! Far from it!

The objective of our email marketing sequence is to build a long and lasting relationship with our audience of subscribers that helps them to trust us enough to do business and repeat business with us.

It is to position us as a trusted source and industry leader that can solve their problems.

It is to keep us top of mind so that when they are ready to make a purchase they will think about us first and give us their patronage.

Cyber Sites Online Presence

No. 4 New Product Launch

There is nothing more frustrating than spending months or years developing a new product or service only to have no one buy it – except for family and friends of course.

There are many reasons this could happen like developing a product or service that no one wants or no one being able to find your amazing product or service.

It doesn’t matter how amazing your product or service is or you think it is – if no one wants it or no one is able to find it then it won’t be sold.

There’s no way around this.

But for this problem, we are able to take advantage of the New Product Launch Email Sequence to not only get some sales but to have a hungry and fired up waiting list of prospects or customers waiting to buy your new product on the launch day.

A New Product Launch Email Marketing Campaign is a type of campaign that can be used as an introduction or announcement, but it is mainly aimed towards increasing customer loyalty by adding something they want in order to keep them coming back.

This email marketing campaign is not just for products, it can also be used to announce a new service or to help customers learn about your newest offers.

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The main idea of the New Product Launch Email Marketing Campaign is that you are going to give them something in return and then offer an exclusive discount on one of their upcoming purchases as well.

For example: If we were running this type of email marketing campaign for a boutique clothing store our message might look like this: “Want 10% off your next purchase? Find out how.”

The customer will click-through and see a coupon code waiting for them at checkout which they’ll use when they make their purchase.

Another example, if you’re selling shoes online, then just before launching your next line you can drum up interest with a series of introductory emails that notify your subscriber list of your new upcoming product and incentivize them to act quickly by giving 20% off on all orders over $50.00 during the first week only!

Another way you can use this is by developing a new service from recommendations you receive from email subscribers who may have been requesting new service or solution to a problem they are facing and think you could help with.

A series of emails notifying them of this new service, and launch date and price could drum up so much interest that you might have to limit the number of subscribers you allow for the first launch.

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No. 5 Triggered Email Sequence

Some of the more popular email marketing campaigns are triggered emails.

These types of email sequences can be used to drive visitors through the customer journey from awareness, interest, and purchase.

It is important for small businesses not to solely focus on driving traffic into their website but also have a plan in place that will nurture leads until they become customers – this means using triggers such as abandoned carts, thank you pages, or even just follow-up emails after initial contact with your company via phone or online chat.

Triggered emails are a powerful marketing tool for lead generation in your business.

By using the right email sequence and email copy at the right time you are able to reach out to lost leads that could be interested in your business but need to be contacted at the right time to make a successful conversion.

Some of the advantages of using a triggered email sequence in your business are that you will be able to:

  1. Contact your potential customers at the right time.
  2. Remove email fatigue by only sending emails when it’s necessary and relevant for them.
  3. Increase open rates because they are expecting an email from your business after taking a specific action with their account or information on your site, like accessing their order history or filling in a quote form.

By using triggered emails and other types of campaigns such as promotions, discounts & curated content – small businesses can generate new leads while also nurturing existing prospects into making purchases.

This way there is no need to rely solely on website traffic which could potentially dry up without constant promotion.

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No. 6 Nurture Campaign

A nurture campaign is a series of email marketing messages that are sent to a group of people who have shown some form of interest in the company’s products or services.

The purpose is to guide prospects through the sales process, nurturing them from strangers into buyers and long-term customers.

A nurture campaign usually includes a number of emails designed to address different areas where questions might arise for leads during their purchase decision-making process.

We have also prepared an article on the similarities and differences of nature campaigns and drip campaigns that we recommend you read.

Both nature campaigns and drip campaigns are powerful and will help you to build strong and lasting relationships with your subscriber base that will generate large amounts of revenues for years to come.

Learn more about nurture and drip campaigns by reading this article we’ve prepared for you.

The advantages of using a nurture campaign in your email marketing strategy and business are:

  1. You will learn a lot more about your subscribers
  2. You will build a deeper and more emotional relationship with subscribers
  3. Your subscribers will feel more connected with you and will trust you even more with helping them solve their problems
  4. You will learn more about the interests of your subscribers
  5. Learning more about your subscribers will help you provide better products and services

This strategy allows you to make sure that every subscriber is serviced and has their needs met on a deeper and more personal level than you could ever do with just a normal daily email newsletter without any planning.

Drip Campaign and Nurture Campaign

No. 7 Upsell Drip Sequence

Get the ball rolling with an Upsell Drip Sequence campaign.

This is another email marketing tactic that will allow you to build rapport, trust, and relationships with your subscribers by sending them an immediate follow-up message after they purchase something from your store or sign up for one of your services.

You can include a personal thank you note that captures their attention and makes them want to open future emails sent as part of this drip campaign.

A couple of examples are offering free shipping on first-time purchases or hosting special sales just for customers who have purchased in the past two weeks–both great promotional tactics used by stores online when it comes to customer retention rates!

Another good application of this type of email marketing sequence is that there is no one easier to sell to than someone who has just bought from you and the fact that someone who has just bought something is more likely to keep buying things.

You can take advantage of this by offering a discount code for a complementary and equally helpful product for what they have bought.

You must ensure, however, that you never use this as an opportunity to sell them something entirely different or that isn’t relevant or helpful to their current problems and the items they just bought.

An example of a great compliment is to try to sell them on a laptop cover, mouse, and Bluetooth headset if they just bought a laptop.

Trying to sell them a tablet computer at this stage would do more harm than good since the two items are substitutes, not complements.

No. 8 Survey Email Sequence

This type of email will allow you to collect contact information from your subscribers.

It does this while providing valuable customer insight into what’s important to them by offering up something free for their input (i.e., an article) as the incentive; make sure it relates to your product/service so they’re interested in giving feedback!

Sending a survey email is not only an easy way to collect information from your subscribers, but it’s also a great idea for gathering customer feedback.

Make sure the offer you provide as an incentive relates back to your product or service so they will be interested in giving their input!

To get started you should:

  1. Create 10 different types of surveys and send them out on random days throughout the year.
  2. Send one type of survey every couple of months instead of sending 10 at once.
  3. Use this info with other research data (i.e., social media posts)to find trends and insights into what customers want/need that can help grow revenue.

Surveys are just another form of Email Marketing Campaign.

Survey emails offer the advantage of developing products and services that are in demand and wanted by your market.

This helps to ensure the success of your product launches.

Start using them today to improve your business and customer service!

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No. 9 Seasonal Campaigns

Ah! Christmas is coming and it will soon be time to pick up gifts for my family, spouse, and friends!

What a delight! I wonder who is having an amazing and pocket-friendly Christmas promotion that I can take advantage of?

Enter the Season Campaign type of emails.

This type of email is usually sent out during the holiday season and is usually used to promote discounts for items like Christmas lights, Christmas ornaments, etc.

This email campaign type also works well if you want to offer a discount on something that your customers would purchase year-round such as coffee.

The way it works is by sending an email with these types of offers periodically throughout the holidays so that they can be reaped by anyone who has not yet ordered their gifts online!

It’s really easy: just send one promotional email when the sale starts and then another 10 days later.

Boom! You’re good to go.

A seasonal campaign can be used any time of year that is identifiable with a specific sale or special. For example, in our country, Jamaica, there is always a huge ‘back to school special and sale’ around the time close to the end of August and the beginning of September when schools reopen.

A seasonal campaign can be used in this situation as well to sell more products and draw the interest of your email subscribers.

A seasonal email campaign has many benefits for your business such as It’s a great way to increase sales and revenue by reaching out to customers who may not have been aware of your offer.

The email will be more effective because it is sent when people are most interested in the sale or promotion.

You can track how many times the email was opened, clicked on, etc., which helps you better understand what types of messages resonate with your audience and help you to improve your marketing message over time.

42 Powerful Ways To Reduce Abandoned Carts And Explode Sales

No. 10 Cart Abandonment & Recovery Campaign

What is cart abandonment?

Cart abandonment occurs when a customer adds products to their shopping cart on an eCommerce site but then leaves the site without completing the purchase of these items.

The average online retailer loses about seven percent of potential orders due to abandoned carts–that’s $11 billion in revenue lost each year!

This may not sound like much at first glance, but it can add up quickly if your business experiences high sales volume.

For example, if you have 10 million visitors per month and ten thousand people abandon their carts every day that equals $111 million dollars worth of annual revenue loss.

From this, you can see that cart abandonment is a huge issue for online stores and businesses but not to fear! We have an email marketing sequence to help us resolve this issue.

A cart abandonment email sequence would work by capturing the email address of the person who is about to check out but didn’t complete the process.

You would then send them a reminder via email of their incompleted order.

This reminder can be part of a sequence of several emails spread out across a few days. To nudge them even more to complete their checkout you can even offer a discount code that expires in 24 hours.

This is just one way that a cart abandonment email sequence can be helpful for your business and its value can’t be overstated. By using this you will be able to recover even a percentage of what would’ve otherwise been classified as lost revenues.

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No. 11 Promotional Email Sequence

Another email that can have a positive effect on your business is promotional emails.

These types of emails would be sent out to people who’ve shown interest in or purchased something from you in the past.

These types of content pieces work because they’re able to build upon previous interactions between you and the customer.

They allow for contextualization, which is really important when it comes to how we comprehend messages that we receive online today.

Promotional emails should also mention any offers running at this moment so as not to lose customers over time by displaying outdated information about certain sales product promotions etc.,

There are many strategies that use promotional email sequences in such a way that if a customer is even viewing a certain page then we can use that to market the specific product back to them while it’s on sale.

You will see a lot of promotional emails around the time of black Friday and Cyber Monday and this is the time that most businesses make a big splash in their business’s financial accounts by slashing prices and offering their biggest discounts of the year!

Take note of these types of emails as another powerful way to drastically increase sales and client sign-ups in your business.

No. 12 Social Media Engagement Campaign

This type of email is used to increase engagement on your social media profiles and posts.

It is done by sending an email to your subscribers and then prompting them to interact with you via social media like using a certain hashtag, liking your page, or tagging you in a picture of the result of a recipe you just shared with them.

This is a powerful type of email to send because it raises engagement and builds a relationship with your subscribers.

It is also quite helpful considering that you normally have to spend money on these social media platforms to increase your post reach and engagement.

Sending emails to your email list and asking them to connect with you on social can help your business and long-term profitability by providing another point of contact for prospects to connect with you and learn more about you.

Because the objective of our email marketing campaigns should be to build a relationship with subscribers this is a particularly powerful and helpful type of email for you to use.

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No. 13 Re-Engagement Campaign

One of the most underused and underappreciated email marketing best practices is that of cleaning up your list of inactive and unreachable subscribers to keep your list healthy.

Inactive and unreachable subscribers can result because of a hard bounce or soft bounce, or even because the person is no longer interested in what you have to offer.

Whatever the reason it negatively impacts your email list health and can negatively affect email deliverability.

Before removing subscribers from your email list we recommend that you always use a re-engagement campaign.

A re-engagement campaign is a type of email marketing campaign that you send to a list of inactive subscribers to engage with them and find out if they would still like to receive notifications from you.

If they remain inactive or don’t want to receive notifications when you remove or ‘purge’ them from your email list to maintain the health of your email list.

Some of the advantages of a re-engagement campaign include:

  1. Increases email list health
  2. Improves deliverability rates with ISPs and email clients
  3. Gives inactive subscribers an opportunity to change their mind about receiving notifications from you or your business.
  4. Re-engage them before removing them
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No. 14 Opt-out Campaign

An email opt-out campaign is a type of email marketing campaign that you send to your subscribers who have opted out, unsubscribed, or don’t want any notifications from you.

This is done by sending them a special email message with an ‘unsubscribe’ link in the body text and a clickable hyperlink in the subject line “You’ve asked us not to contact you.”

An opt-out campaign will prompt inactive subscribers who have already opted out of receiving emails from you to re-engage themselves back into your list.

Some advantages include:

  1. Decreases negative impacts on deliverability rates for ISPs and other email clients
  2. Provides those customers with another opportunity to change their mind about whether they still wish to receive messages from you because opting-out might’ve been an error.

There are many reasons why you should be using this type of email marketing campaign in your business. It is just a friendly reminder of who you are and the value you provide that your recently opted-out subscriber will be missing out on.

Conclusion – 14 Types of Email Marketing Campaigns for Small Businesses: How to Increase Revenues!

email marketing campaigns for small businesses

We have looked at 14 types of emails that you should be using in your business to increase sales, your client base, and growth.

Each of these 14 has different advantages that will help in different areas of your business. There is no secret that email marketing is a powerful resource for growing your business and generating customers on a consistent basis.

To take advantage of its potential we recommend you use these types of emails at the right time and as best as possible to increase your Return On Investment.

If you have any questions then comment below and we will help you.

If you would like to get professional help setting this up in your business then be sure to set up a free consultation with our team. We’d be happy to assist!

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