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Is Email Marketing Dead In 2021?

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Is Email Marketing Dead?

Introduction – Is Email Marketing Dead?

Email Marketing is not dead!

In fact, it’s more relevant than ever.

And if you’re wondering how to use email marketing for your business, then this blog post is perfect for you.

I want to look at the current state of email marketing and how it can be used in 2021. We’ll also discuss some of the best reasons why email marketing is still relevant in 2021 and how it can help grow a business.

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Is email marketing dead?

One of the questions I get asked most often is, “Is email marketing dead?” It’s a valid question and one that can be answered with an unequivocal no.

Email marketing is still very much alive and kicking in 2021.

In fact, you’re reading this blog post because you may be someone who wanted to promote their email list to new readers who may subscribe but you don’t know if it’s worth the effort.

The reason email marketing is so relevant in 2021 is because you can use it to build relationships with your new readers.

No matter what industry you’re in, if someone subscribes to your newsletter or emails from time to time then they are more likely to buy a product from you and recommend one of your products to their friends on social media.

Email marketing is also still alive due to the fact that it’s a form of communication that many people check every single day (especially those over 55 years old).

This means there will always be an audience for email messages even as older generations die off and newer millennials come into power.

Finally, using email marketing helps grow any business by building trust with customers which increases customer retention rates.

In the online world today there are many fake websites that cause spam and will even steal credit card information, inflict viruses on your computer, and even steal your identity.

The risk of being harmed online has never being higher.

Additionally, there is the threat of getting low-quality products and services for your hard-earned cash. There is also the possibility of paying for a product or service and it not arriving at all.

Because consumers know this they are extra wary of doing business online.

As a business owner and marketer, this means that you must spend more time and effort building a relationship with your potential clients and customers.

This is how you will eventually convert more of your website visitors and grow your business online.

Email marketing is relevant today because it is the best way to build a relationship with prospects and nurture them into customers and clients.

1 Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses and Startups

Why does email marketing matter?

Email marketing is still very much alive and well in the modern world.

If you have a business, email marketing can be an effective way to reach your audience.

Email is one of the simplest ways for businesses to get their message out there to potential customers with accuracy and ease.

The added advantage of using email as part of your digital marketing strategy is that it’s relatively easy on resources when compared with other forms such as Facebook or Google AdWords because emails are delivered directly into inboxes where they can be opened at any time from any device (provided the user has access).

This makes viewing rates higher than social media sites like Facebook which might require scrolling through posts before finding what you were looking for.

It also means that messages sent via email have a higher chance of a conversion.

Another reason that we must consider using email marketing is that we can use services like Mailchimp to get started for free.

Marketers generally believe that we should average $1 in revenues per month for every email subscriber on our list.

That means that with a service like Mailchimp that is free for up to 1000 subscribers you should be able to start making up to $1000 monthly without having to pay.

If you don’t know how to make money and grow your business from email marketing don’t worry! We will link some resources below that will get you started.

Some of the best reasons for using email marketing in 2021 are:

  1. It’s easy to track how your emails perform and who is opening them (which can be valuable information)
  2. Email is a great way to build relationships with someone through personal, thoughtful content they want or need.
  3. The big-name companies like Amazon are still making billions from it! – I’m not saying that you should do everything just because “Amazon” does it 😉 but if more people than ever are buying things online then there has to be room for email marketing as well.
Email Marketing to Grow Your Business: 15 Powerful Conversion Tips

Why should you use email marketing in your business?

The main reason you should use email marketing in your business is that it is the only digital media source where you own your audience.

What does that mean?

It means that you don’t own your social media audience and at any time you can lose them.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms can restrict, disable, and even permanently remove your account at any time, sometimes without any plausible reason.

That simply means that over night you could lose access to your audience and means of driving traffic to your website and making money online.

Even if you are not removed and impacted so severely you might be forced to invest more to get any returns.

This makes your audience less profitable than it was.

The way this happens is when the organic reach of your social media posts on Facebook and Instagram for exmape and even YOuTube is reduced to algorithm changes.

This means you now have to put in 5 times more work to get the same results and may even have to spend money to promote to the audience that you’ve built over the years on blood, sweat, and financial investment.

There is no risk of this happening with email marketing because you own your audience. The only way for it to become less profitable is if you don’t adhere to the email marketing best practices.

Don’t worry!

We have prepared an article to help you with the email marketing best practices you should know so you can start making more money for your business from email marketing.

email marketing best practices

Another reason you should use email marketing in your business is that email marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods to promote a product.

It’s inexpensive and easy to build email lists by requesting people sign up for notifications on your website (think about how often you can update them with fresh content).

With today’s low postage rates, it costs less than ever before to mail promotional materials which means that companies don’t have as many restrictions when sending out physical products such as catalogs or brochures.

In addition, there are even more options for reaching customers digitally through mobile devices so they never miss an opportunity to hear from you!

A third reason to use email marketing is that the customer has complete control on when they receive your promotional emails.

Customers can sign up for an easy-to-delete newsletter, or subscribe and unsubscribe whenever it suits their needs without having to talk with a salesperson.

If you require people to call in order to be deleted from your list then that’s also something customers like because there are no hard feelings!

Another aspect of this benefit is that if people forget about signing up for notifications then they’ll miss out on any promotions which means more money spent by them in stores instead of through mailings.

All these benefits together make email marketing one of the most effective ways to reach new potential customers while staying cost-conscious.

16 Powerful Email Marketing Lead Generation Strategies

How to grow your business online with email marketing

There are many ways to grow your business online in today’s digital age.

You can use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns, you can use Facebook and Instagram Ads. Another way is to use the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to generate organic traffic to your website and online business.

You can even make use of Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing to generate traffic, leads, clients, customers, and sales for your business.

Another such way, and the most profitable way, is through email marketing.

Email marketing has many benefits that can help your business grow and flourish in the digital world.

Here are a few examples of how you can use email-marketing to improve your online presence:

Complete Guide on Lead Generation: Basics to Latest Strategies
  • Build Brand Authority – When people receive an email from your company asking them to sign up for a trial, they will see it as being professional and trustworthy because it’s coming straight from the company itself.

    This helps build trust with potential customers which in turn builds their confidence in purchasing products or signing up for services offered by the organization.

    In addition, emails provide businesses with opportunities to promote themselves on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter which leads to more followers who could potentially become future clients
  • Email Marketing Has The Best ROI – Email marketing has the highest ROI among digital marketing media with a whopping ROI of 44:1.

    That means that for every $1 you invest in an email marketing campaign you should enjoy an average return of $44!

    No other media comes in even close!
  • Email Has The Highest Click-Through Rates – A study by Experian found that email messages have an average open rate of 23% which is significantly higher than other digital channels.

    This means more emails are being opened and read!
  • Click-Through Rates are at an impressive level, averaging about 23% across email campaigns.

    So, you’re getting less spammy mail in your inbox because people want to see what’s happening on your company website or blog posts!

    If they like it then there’s a good chance they’ll subscribe to get notifications from time to time when new content goes up on these pages.

    This gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with them where they will learn enough about you and trust you enough to do business with you in the future.

Email marketing is the most profitable digital marketing media available to us today and offers massive opportunities for short and long-term gains.

Just because email is the most profitable doesn’t mean it’s easy.

It takes a lot of time, organization, and testing to make sure you’re not wasting your efforts or spending too much money on an unprofitable campaign.

The first step is determining how valuable your audience is and what their needs are so you can tailor your emails appropriately for them in order to get as many opens as possible.

Make sure that when building relationships with new readers they know who you are from day one before asking them for anything else–don’t be pushy!

The quality of engagement matters more than quantity so don’t just send out tons of messages hoping something sticks because very few people will respond every single time – patience pays off over time.

3 Effective Sign-up Drip Campaigns for Effective Email Marketing Conversions

The best way to go about building this deep, meaningful relationship is through an email marketing drip campaign and an email marketing nurture campaign.

A drip campaign in email marketing is a series of emails, sent out at specific intervals to help build a relationship or promote a product or service.

They are especially effective with welcome emails.

A nurture campaign is a series of emails, sent out at the same time intervals to help nurture a relationship with current subscribers.

They are especially effective in email marketing for providing information or other updates related to customer requests.

They are more personal and time-intensive but they also work best to build a deep, emotional, and meaningful relationship with your subscribers.

We have created these two articles listed below to help you learn more about drip campaigns and nurture campaigns as well as how to use them to grow your business:

  1. Drip Campaigns
  2. Nurture Campaigns
8 Best Online Marketing Services For Small Businesses: How To Market For Explosive Growth

Do you still find it hard to believe that email marketing is still relevant in 2021?

I think it’s important to realize how much work goes into making a successful email campaign.

It is not as easy as firing off emails and expecting them to convert like magic, but there are some definite things to keep in mind when doing so.

One of the most helpful tips for success with email campaigns is segmentation.

This can be done by geolocation or age ranges, gender, occupation type (e.g., business owner).

By knowing who your recipient will be, it will make structuring the content easier which then leads to higher conversion rates from people who have an affinity with what you’re offering.

We have created an entire resource library that will be shared at the end of the post to help you master email marketing for your business.

Our team can also setup, manage, and optimize your email marketing campaign for you.

16 Powerful Email Marketing Lead Generation Strategies

How to use email marketing to generate leads

If you want to generate leads, email marketing is one of the best ways to do it.

This article will show you how but we will list a few quick tips below:

  • Start by building a list of potential customers and then creating an automated system of capturing their information
  • Generating new ideas for your blog post topics or products that can be sold on your site (or sent as an email)
  • Follow up with these people for feedback about your product or service – they may even buy something from you!
  • Ensure you don’t send spammy or misleading emails that don’t provide value.
  • Personalize your emails – customers love to see their name in a message
  • Send out regular updates about new products or company news, and encourage people to sign up for email newsletters

Bonus – Email Marketing Resources To Master Email Marketing Today

We have prepared a list of helpful resources to help you master email marketing today.

We want to help you on your journey to online success and so we have decided to link below some helpful articles and guides to help you on your email marketing journey. Feel free to use them to as much as possible.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to do all the heavy lifting you can get a free consultation from our team and we will help you on your journey to success.

Additionally, you can sign up for a Cyber Site Online Presence for as low as $1,200 per month. You will get a website that grows your business that is built with a 12-month marketing strategy for your business. It will be fully managed and marketed by our team.

You can get your Cyber Site Online Presence here.

Cyber Sites Online Presence

Here is a list of those extra resources we mentioned

  1. Email Marketing Benefits: 22 Powerful Email Marketing Benefits To Grow Your Business
  2. Email Marketing Conversion Tips: Email Marketing to Grow Your Business: 15 Powerful Conversion Tips
  3. Email Marketing Lead Generation: 16 Powerful Email Marketing Lead Generation Strategies
  4. Digital Marketing Strategy: 1 Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses and Startups
  5. Nurture Campaigns: Drip Campaign and Nurture Campaign: The Differences in Email Marketing
  6. Drip Campaigns: 3 Effective Sign-up Drip Campaigns for Effective Email Marketing Conversions
  7. Website Conversion Optimization: 10 Worst Reasons Your Website Isn’t Converting
  8. Ads Conversion Optimization: How To Drastically Improve Website Ad Conversions
  9. Marketing Tips For Small Businesses & Startups: Powerful Marketing Tips For Small Businesses In 2021: How To Get Explosive Growth

We hope you find these articles helpful on you journey to online success.

Conclusion – Is Email Marketing Dead?

Is Email Marketing Dead?

The email marketing industry is alive and well, with a market size of $114 billion in 2018.

Email marketers are expected to grow their business by adding new subscribers or using the information they already have for better targeting.

This post has explored some best practices for successful email campaigns and how you can use this powerful tool to reach your goals. Read on here: Email Marketing

If you found this guide helpful or have any questions then please feel free to leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us.

We also look forward to answering your questions and helping you on your email marketing journey.

If you would like to use email marketing to grow your business but are unsure of how your abilities to implement a winning strategy then reach out to our team and schedule a free consultation by filling out this form.

We would be happy to help you on your journey to success and grow your business online.

Thank you for reading and we hope that this guide is useful to your email marketing efforts!

– The CyberDream Developers Editorial Team

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Take our Website Income Quiz and get our FREE eBOOK
on 26 Reasons Why Your Website Is Scaring Away Your Customers